Learn how MyQuickCoach can help your organization and has already been beneficial in Sales Effectiveness, Human Resources, Global, Training, Technical Specialist and much more.

Move From Learning to Action

Contrary to the popular axiom, knowledge is not power. Organizational learning is simply not enough anymore, organizational action is what’s needed to get and stay ahead in this day and age.
MyQuickCoach, from AthenaOnline, is a multi-award-winning delivery platform and content library designed to help your organizational initiatives achieve their full potential. Whether you are implementing new sales goals, management competencies or going through large-scale change Athena’s solutions can help. By combining our library of SmartByte videos, live delivery‡, social media, mobile applications and other tools Athena’s Software as a Service can create a focused support system designed to support your objectives.
Athena’s SmartByte videos are short, typically under five minutes. Each one is geared toward implementation and include bullets, animations and transcripts to help reinforce the information. That can make five minutes very powerful. How powerful? Users reported that they have saved on average over $1,500 from a single lesson.

Off-The-Shelf or Customized

MyQuickCoach offers a tremendous off-the-shelf solution for smaller groups or content licensing. For larger groups and more advanced needs however, AthenaOnline will create a custom solution to help you achieve your objectives.
We will work with you to film your executives for an onboarding platform or leader as teacher system, build competency pages for a management development program, create custom modules with faculty to support your internal training, or even a mobile application to keep your field representatives working together toward the same goal.
Dr Marshall Goldsmith

5-Minutes to Action

SmartByte videos are designed to deliver knowledge in as short of time as possible. Allowing employees to put the ideas to work right away.

Peer Coaching

AthenaOnline's Socrates system helps to link the people who have knowledge in your organization with those who need it.

Sharing Knowledge

Ideas are like fertilizer and need to be spread around encouraging things to grow. Athena makes it easy with links that can be tracked and measured.

Mobile Delivery

Employees can access many of the features of MyQuickCoach whether at the home office or in the field using their mobile devices.

Video Uploading

Employees can use a moderated system to add their own videos. Athena can also produce videos for your organization if desired.