athenaonline smartbytes

When AthenaOnline spoke with several Fortune 500 companies about learning we found that their employees needed quick access to business knowledge to help them make a decision, finish a report, or deal with a problem employee. They wanted to get the information quickly and move on, so we designed a system that allows people to do just that.
The Athena SmartByte™ videos are concise briefings from business thought-leaders delivered in five minutes or less. The only thing required to use the system is an Internet browser. Audio, video, text and graphics are provided to help make the information clear so you can start to use it right away.
Consultants, authors, professors, and other subject matter experts have broken their knowledge into short modules that each deliver a single aspect of a problem or issue that you may be wrestling with. The experts provide the steps to help implement the ideas as well. Each SmartByte is categorized by the question it answers, keywords and concepts, type of delivery, faculty, and the level of expertise that the SmartByte is designed for, making it easy for you to find the information you need.
MyQuickCoach contains hundreds of SmartBytes. Subjects range from answering a telephone to strategic innovation. You can learn more about the subjects and content experts by clicking on the Coaches and Topics button in the left hand column.
Each AthenaOnline SmartByte has it own special container that allows you to extend the usefulness of the briefing. You can save the knowledge, print out transcripts, recommend the assets to other users, and learn more about related topics or the faculty.
If you would like someone to contact you with more information on how Athena's MyQuickCoach system can help your entire organization call our office at 800-500-4294 or 510-302-0538. If you prefer, you may e-mail us at

Save for Later

Save your favorite coaching tips for personal review or to share with others later.


Each coaching module has a full, printable transcript if you prefer to read the material.

Share with Others

Sharing knowledge helps others grow. Athena makes it easy to do and track. You can even share with people who are not on the system.

Take it With You

Take coaching modules with you by downloading the audio, printing a transcript or sending the video to your iPhone or iPad.

Fullscreen viewing

Using a coaching module for a meeting starter, training session or presentation? Go big with a full screen view, with or without supporting bullets.